Aries (March 20-April 19)

Aries (March 20-April 19) — I suggest you become more curious about your sense of emotional injury. Usually we avoid investigating this kind of thing when we can. Yet recent events might have stirred you up a bit, and that’s an invitation to go deeper. This is especially true if you’ve had any of those ‘I’m feeling something deep but I really don’t know what it is’ moments the past three or four weeks. Your charts give a clue: the picture shows a relationship between your sense of pride, the sensation of being hurt, and a particular way you tend to get stuck. Somewhere in your distant past, you were told it was wrong to be self-centered, which you took as meaning ‘centered in yourself’. The result, of course, would have been to knock you off-center, as if that were somehow good for you or anyone else. Self-centered vs. centered in yourself has many equivalents. I suggest you also sort out arrogant from confident; narcissistic from self-loving; needing attention from craving meaningful passionate contact with others. Underneath these distinctions is a deeper value. The first concept in each pair is about alienation, and the second is relational. The first involves a sense of injury and the second is about healing. Yet they’re not really opposites; they are related like shadow and light, which depend on one another to exist. If you want the light, it’s necessary to embrace what’s going on in your shadows. Both, treated with awareness, are sources of nourishment and wisdom.

Horoscope by Eric Francis at

Yes, I have an astrologer. His name is Eric Francis. Years ago, of my angels, Alex Chee, turned me on to him. I know many believe astrology to be a silly distraction and a hoax. I believe that we are connected to the stars and that astrology is a lens that allows us to see the aspects of ourselves that exists in the space between the physical bits that make up our corporal beings. I know many people think that astrology is a hoax and I honestly cannot blame them given the flood of astrology hacks who paint bold pictures of astrological traits in solid colors rather than the myriad hues of which the zodiac is actually comprised.

Eric is a rare astrologer. He is intuitive – connected to something very broad and does not so much as read the stars as he allows the stars to guide his readings. Those of you have a gift to discern things that are hidden in the dark matter of our physical existence – can see and hear beyond the veil – will know what I mean. I have dabbled in astrology. Know how to use the details of a person’s birth to find their sun, moon and rising signs and can access online systems that will plot the rest of their planets into signs and houses. That is pretty much the limit of my talent for reading the stars.

I can tell you that I have five planets in Aries – that won’t surprise those who have witnessed my conflagrations – have only two drops of water in my planetary chart. The fact that I am an Aries Sun, Leo Moon with Virgo Rising, likely also explains my particular flavor of crazy for those who believe that stellar energy has a direct impact on who we are in this human manifestation and how we present to others. Some of you may have no idea what I am talking about and think I have lost my mind. I’d apologize but it would be insincere.

This blog is for those who understand that human form is comprised of not just the physical matter of the universe but also the spaces between those elements – a place that I think to think makes up the soul. I believe that our connection to the bits and pieces (and non-bits and pieces. Un-bits and pieces?) that make up this vast universe that we are hurling through have energy and force within them that impacts our consciousness if we allow it to. And I think some of us, like Eric, and some of you, have the gift of using that gift to see things that many cannot. Or, it could very much be my human need to make sense of life on this rock and the limitations of this flesh and bone contraption. My soul longs to be free of the confines of life on this plane… so I’m game for every opportunity to flex my non-corporal “muscles”.

Which brings me back to Eric Francis and Planet Waves. I tend to do a lot of self-reflection and this man has the uncanny ability to hone in on not just the broad themes on which I am ruminating at any given time, but very often the details. For those of you reading the snarky wit of Brezny or followers of more substantial astrologers like Linda Goodman (who taught me to read charts through her books), check out Eric and Planet Waves. On occasion he does some free access time frames that allow you to test out his value in your life. Also, his team provides some of the best customer service I’ve experienced. They are very loyal to their supporters.

So Fellow Stargazers, join me in watching the very spectacular events happening between now and the Autumnal Equinox. And the Rest of You, well, hang in there and try to enjoy the spectacle of us whacky , hippie, new age freaks having a damned good time making sense of life on our own terms.